Amazing Features


Pick your topic, Fastest Finger First, Answer Fast and Answer Right


You get to try again and get more questions on the same topic


Fastest to Answer and get most questions right, Wins big. And there's more than one winner, Aim to rank higher

App on Phone


Win Points - Points is accumulated, Redeem Coupons and other Deals for points


Win Cash-Outs - Depending on your rank on Leaderboard you can Win Cash outs


Win Coins - This is virtual Currency on the app that helps you Enter more Quizzes.

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Game reviews

Mukesh S

Excellent Game Play, I loved the Topics and excited to see my Spot on the Leaderboard

Ramya Ch

Lost Track of time! Great Topics and great way to engage time

Abhilash Kumar

This app is for me! Bring on more topics, I want to see what I am capable of. Definitely a go to for Quiz Gaming